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Books & Magazine

The Stoneslide Corrective No. 1

Our first print edition, The Stoneslide Corrective No. 1, is a reading experience that can make your head spin, being constituted of fiction that’s more solid than reality, humor masquerading as somber reflection, and truth lazing about gussied up like a dandy. It includes the work of great writers and visual artists.



Here begins

satire and

plentiful humor.


The new Stoneslide will emerge soon


Things may be a bit quiet around here, but we’re not so much sleeping as we are undergoing a profound transformation. This metabolically intense process requires all our attention and energy. Please don’t distract us—it could prove dangerous for everyone involved.

The new Stoneslide will burst forth, as the iridescent butterfly from its cocoon, in March 2016.

You’ll still find intermittent posts with humor and satire here and in our email newsletter. But the really big stuff will wait for March.

Thank you for reading.